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Scammers pretending to be BT or Microsoft

A couple of days ago one of my customers received a phone call from some one pretending to be BT and asked them to switch on the computer and visit a particular website. She realised that something is not right, decided to hang up the phone and call me straight away.

Here is how this SCAM works;

These scammers mainly target old people (these targeted data can be purchased for a few hundred pounds)

So, they call old people and claim that they are calling from BT or Microsoft or some Anti-virus comapny and say that they noticed some problem with your computer or broadband. To fix the problem, they will ask you to switch on the computer and go to a website inorder to give them access to access your computer. Once they gain the access, they might plant something in your computer to steal information or tell you that they have found the source of the problem and will cost £££ to fix the problem.

If you think its a legitimate call, think again. When was the last time BT or Microsoft or any legitimate company voluntarily called you to let you know that there is a problem in your phone line or computer. To be honest none of the companies give a beep about the problems with their product you use (maybe not at least until you call them).

Any computer user will have some problem with his computer or the internet. These scammers always use the common terms to drag you into the conversation.

If ever you receive any phone calls from any of these people, just hang up. Dont even try to have a conversation as they might be very convincing.

Several of my other customers had received similar calls in the past and  a few of them paid over the phone or some of the almost paid.

If you had paid them before, do call your bank to cancel the card and PIN number just in case.

If you need more information or questions please leave your comments and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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