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Scammer pretending to be Metropolitan Police

Words from our dearest friend who was affected very recently. She is in her mid 80s now.

A few days ago the telephone rang and a certain DCI James Galbraith from the Metropolitan Police wished to tell me that my credit cards had been tampered with, a lot of money had been withdrawn and would I help the MP to catch the thief? The first thing, of course, was to check on the veracity of his identity which I did by ringing 999 and asking to speak with DCI Galbraith,   This done I started to help him in any way I could. A courier came and took my credit cards away; Galbraith was very worried about any jewelry and money in the house, but I told him they were too small to be worried about. The idea was to run a scam to catch the thief by my going to three banks and withdrawing £5000 at each, and then go home. (She was also told not to tell anyone including her son as it might jeopardise the whole sting operation) I told him what I would be wearing, but no the order of bank visit. Luckily for me I chose the Halifax where I am not known at all, which may have helped the cashier to be vigilant, although later he told me he could tell from my eyes that I was not telling the truth when asked why I needed so much cash. He sent for the police, who came very quickly indeed and the whole story unravelled.  End of scam!

The police drove me home where I had alerted Bob (my son) to be; we cancelled the credit cards, and discovered they had been very little used; the small amount of money was immediately refunded by both banks. So I was very lucky, but the dent to my self confidence, not to mention my self esteem was, as you may assume, considerable.


Its time to say bye bye to Windows XP and Office 2...
FBI Scam!!!


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