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RAM, Hard Drive and Processor - in Simple Words


Computer Ram-Memory

RAM is also known as Computer Memory. This is short term temporary memory which will be erased as soon as the computer is switched off. It only deals with the things that are happening at the moment.

Hard Drive


Hard Drive is the permanent storage space where all your documents, photos, music, etc. are stored. It is long term memory and stays in place when you switch off your computer.



This is the brain or the hard working part of the computer. It is doing all the tasks that you have asked the computer to do. It sorts things out, moves information, does the calculations, presents information to the screen or printer and so on.

Simple Explanation

Computer - In simple Terms

Lets imagine that your

  • Office Room is the Computer,
  • Office Desk is the RAM - Temporary Storage
  • Filing Cabinet is the Hard Drive - Permanent Storage and
  • You are the Processor

Now, you are trying to sort out some files on your desk (RAM). Bigger the desk, more files you can deal with at a time. Once you are finished with the files, you will put them in the appropriate folders in the Filing Cabinet (Hard Drive). Thats it...

Why can't I fill my computer with RAM?

You might think, why can't I add as much RAM as I can afford and my computer will be super fast? But, here is the catch. An office room can fit only a certain size of office desk, you can't just squeeze it in just because you need more desk space. Similarly, each computer can take only so much of RAM.

I hope you understood the basic concept of RAM, Hard Drive and Processor. Please do post your comments if you have any questions.

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