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Error Message

A 'complaint' by the computer or a software that something has gone wrong and it might include an 'error code'.


Data stored in your computer on a disk. There are two types: 'program files' (with instructions that make up software applications, e.g. Word) and 'data files' (files created by you and me, e.g. a letter or photo).


A program which acts as a security filter between your computer and the internet and watches for hacking, viruses or unapproved data transfer.


A plug-in application you download which allows your browser to show animations or videos on a website.


Unauthorised access to a computer, its files and programs by a 'hacker', a computer expert who can break through its security.

Hard Drive

Hard Drive


Hard Drive is the permanent storage space where all your documents, photos, music, etc. are stored. It is long term memory and stays in place when you switch off your computer.


The 'front page' of a website, where you're told what's on the site, how to get around it and how to search for thingsĀ that might interest you.


A small picture which, when you click on it launches an application, program or acts like a link to a website.


ie-icon word-icon

IP Address

IP address is short for Internet Protocol (IP) address.
An IP address is an identifier for a computer or internet router or device on a network. It works just like your home or business address.

Example: Internal or Local IP addresses -,,, etc.

External or Public IP addresses -,, etc


Internet Service Provider. An ISP is the company that provides internet connections.
Example: BT, Virgin, O2, etc.

Junk mail

Direct marketing or unwanted emails sent by email rather than by the post.


Words or pictures you can click on which take you from somewhere (an internet page, an email message etc.) to somewhere else (another page, a picture, video etc.).
Example: Click here to go to our website

Logging In

Using a username or email and password to prove your identity so that you can enter your computer or internet account to access you personalised area.

Macintosh / Mac

The computers manufactured by the company Apple.


The folder which contains a person's individual items such as an inbox, outbox, sent items, notes, calendar, etc.