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Are laptops really portable?


That is an interesting question and the answer is Yes and No.

Basically, the laptops are portable when they are switched off or in sleep mode and very risky if you move it when its switched on.

Laptops are not portable,

  • when it is switched on
  • if its really hot even if its switched off

Laptops are portable

  • when its switched off
  • when its in sleep mode
  • if it has Solid State Drive (SSD)

If you did, there is a high possibility that the hard drive might get damaged which leads to data loss.

How about tablet PCs, are they portable?

Well, most of the tablet PCs use something called Solid State Drives (SSD). In SSDs there are no moving parts. Whereas an ordinary hard drive is full of mechanical parts and it works like an old vinyl record player.

We will explain how SSD and Hard Drive works in a different article.

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