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Home PC Repair Services

Virus Cleaning

We can disinfect any kind of virus, malware, spyware, adware infections in your computer.

We can provide free advice on safe computing, upgrading your computer to increase the performance and security of your computer.

The below shown images are the worst kind of infections which will nag you to pay for clearing the virus. Once you key in the Credit Card details, those details will be stolen. Please do not use your computer if you supect that your computer has been infected. They might steal all your keystrokes and send it to the person who created it.

Please switch off the computer and give us a ring. We can disinfect this infection in a safe and secure way. We will try our best to save all your files, photos, music, emails, etc.





Broken Laptop Screen Replacement

Have you had an accident with your laptop? We repair a lot of smashed screens and damaged computers.

If it's not worth repairing we will tell you - free of charge.

If your Laptop switches on but there is no display on the screen we can replace the laptop screen with Genuine Branded screens.

We will never use cheap and nasty compatible parts.

Laptop / Monitor Screens can be replaced for a fixed charge. Please bring in your laptop or call us for a free estimate. If you think the cost of the screen is too much, just let us know, we might be able to find a used screen but in good condition for a cheaper price.

Deleted File Recovery


Have you deleted a whole load of important files or photos or music or videos by mistake from your computer?

Has your computer stopped working and you want your files recovered?

Please do not worry, there is 98% chance of recovering the deleted or lost files and we can recover it for you. All you need to do is to contact us as soon as you figured that your important files are missing or deleted.

We do charge a very low fee for this File Recovery Service. Please visit our Charges page for more details.

Data Transfer

Have you treated yourself with a new computer and you want to transfer files from your old computer to the new one?

Just give us a ring and pop over with both the computers, it can be done in few hours time even if the old computer has stopped working.

Parental Control


Worried about your kids using the internet?

Struggling to keep them off the computer when they are supposed to be doing their homework?

We can setup a very simple user friendly Parental Control and train you on how to use the software. Give us a ring to find out more.

Laptop won't charge

Most common problem with the laptops is faulty DC jack / DC connector. This is where you connect the power / charger to the laptop.

The symptoms will be that the laptop battery might not charge or will charge intermittently.

DC Jack / DC Connector is a very tiny component which is normally soldered to the main board of the laptop. We have the right tools and experience in replacing this DC Jack.

We can replace the DC Jack for a fixed cost including the DC Jack (It costs extra for some of the laptops). Please bring in your laptop for a free estimate.

Windows won't load

If your computer won't boot or it says Windows cannot load because some system files are missing or you see only a cursor flashing (a small dash " - ") at the top left side of a blank black screen or the computer keeps restarting itself after a quick flash of Blue Screen or the computer comes to a halt on showing a Blue Screen.

This probably means that there is some problem with the Windows system files (important files that helps Windows to load).

We can fix this problem without reinstalling windows or loosing any of your music, documents, photos, etc. Please check the charges for Windows Repair in our Charges page.

Install or Upgrade

Have you bought a new Software or Hardware (Mechanical or Electronic components like RAM, CD/DVD Drive, Wireless card, graphics card, etc.)?

OR if any of the software or hardware not working properly?

We can install it or fix it for you for a fixed charge.

PC Cleanup

This might not sound important or the outside of your computer might look clean but, you wouldn't believe the amount of dust the computer attracts. If the dust is not cleared regularly, it might lead to serious problems.

This dust will block the ventilation of the computer and the heat inside the computer cannot escape which will start affecting the components inside the computer.

We can clean your computers regularly for a fixed charge.

Before and After

Dusty Laptops and Desktops

Forgot your Password?

Have you forgotten the log in password for Windows XP / Vista / 7?

We can recover it or reset it for you in few minutes time while you wait for a very low but fixed charge.

Warranty Service

Your computer is not working and it's still under warranty but you don't have the time to phone the customer support and listen to all their blah blah blah??? Let us take this extra weight off your shoulders.

We can contact the customer care, deal with the issue and get your computer fixed.

Contact us for if you need more information on this service.

Apple Mac PC / Laptop

We fix any kind of problems with all Apple Mac laptops and desktop computers.

Apple iPad Repair

Is your iPad malfunctioning or has it been physically damaged? No need to pay over the top for fixing it!

We can fix iPad and iPad 2 for a very reasonable cost.

Give us a ring to book an appointment or to get more information.

iPad Repair

  • iPad Back Cover Replacement
  • iPad Battery Replacement
  • iPad Digitizer & LCD Screen Replacement
  • iPad Digitizer Replacement
  • iPad Home Button Replacement
  • iPad LCD Screen Replacement
  • iPad Motherboard Repair
  • iPad USB Port / Audio Jack Repair

iPad 2 Repair

  • iPad 2 Black Digitizer Replacement
  • iPad 2 Digitizer & LCD Screen Replacement
  • iPad 2 LCD Screen Replacement
  • iPad 2 Motherboard Repair
  • iPad 2 Power Button Repair
  • iPad 2 USB Port / Audio Jack Repair
  • iPad 2 Back Cover Replacement
  • iPad 2 White Digitizer Replacement

All repairs carry a 3 month warranty unless stated. New parts carry a 12 month warranty.

Any other services

If you require any other services that is not mentioned in our website, please do give us a ring for a chat and we will sort it out for you or point you in the right direction.