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I have known Yogi for about five years. He has always responded promptly, efficiently and knowledgeably to a query, whether it is regarding a laptop, pc or ipad. He is friendly, genuine and considerate. You can trust him to find the best and most economic solution to your problem. I have recommended him unreservedly to friends and they have been very satisfied too.
5 out of 5


Very knowledgeable and courteous, gave a new lease of life to my ancient desktop and fixed various problems over the last couple of years. I recommended Yogi to a friend who was also very pleased with the service.
5 out of 5

Laptop screen replacement

Have you had an accident with your laptop? We repair a lot of smashed screens and damaged computers.

If it's not worth repairing we will be honest and let you know - free of charge.

If your Laptop switches on but there is no display on the screen we can replace the laptop screen with Genuine Branded screens.

We will never use cheap and nasty compatible parts.

Laptop / Monitor Screens can be replaced for a fixed charge. Please bring in your laptop or call us for a free estimate. If you think the cost of the screen is too much, just let us know, we might be able to find a used screen but in good condition for a cheaper price.

Virus / Malware Disinfection

We can disinfect any kind of virus, malware, spyware, adware infections in your computer and provide free advice on safe computing to increase the security of your computer.

See Our Charges

The below shown images are the worst kind of infections which will nag you to pay for clearing the virus. Once you key in the Credit Card details, those details will be stolen. Please do not use your computer if you supect that your computer has been infected. They might steal all your keystrokes and send it to the person who created it.

Please switch off the computer and give us a ring. We can disinfect this infection in a safe and secure way. We will try our best to save all your files, photos, music, emails, etc.