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Barnet PC Services
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I have used Yogi's services for a number of computer and laptop issues. I can safely say that he provides the repair services which I trust. As well as solving the issues, he always provided me honesty and he goes above and beyond to explain things in a way in which I understand. Very happy with prices too. I would definitely recommend.
5 out of 5


Yogesh has been very helpful and efficient in delivering his services.We will definately use his services again and recommend to all.
5 out of 5

Virus / Malware Disinfection

We can disinfect any kind of virus, malware, spyware, adware infections in your computer and provide free advice on safe computing to increase the security of your computer.

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The below shown images are the worst kind of infections which will nag you to pay for clearing the virus. Once you key in the Credit Card details, those details will be stolen. Please do not use your computer if you supect that your computer has been infected. They might steal all your keystrokes and send it to the person who created it.

Please switch off the computer and give us a ring. We can disinfect this infection in a safe and secure way. We will try our best to save all your files, photos, music, emails, etc.