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You were brilliant and if ever I hear of a poorly computer I would not hesitate to recommend you. I wish you every success.
5 out of 5


Very knowledgeable and courteous, gave a new lease of life to my ancient desktop and fixed various problems over the last couple of years. I recommended Yogi to a friend who was also very pleased with the service.
5 out of 5

Install / Upgrade / Repair Hardware and Software

Have you bought a new Software or Hardware (Mechanical or Electronic components like RAM, CD/DVD Drive, Wireless card, graphics card, etc.)?

OR if any of the software or hardware not working properly?

We can install it or fix it for you for a fixed charge.

Laptop and Desktop PC Cleaning

This might not sound important or the outside of your computer might look clean but, you wouldn't believe the amount of dust the computer attracts. If the dust is not cleared regularly, it might lead to serious problems.

This dust will block the ventilation of the computer and the heat inside the computer cannot escape which will start affecting the components inside the computer.

We can clean your computers regularly for a fixed charge.

Before and After

Dusty Laptop and Desktops